LED Light Sensitivity in Amherst, NY; Lighting Control Solutions to Headaches & Other Symptoms

LED light bulbs are growing more and more popular. They are becoming the nation’s number one light bulb due to their superior efficiency. However, as these light bulbs grow in efficiency and drop in price, they do have one drawback; LED Sensitivity. LED light bulbs can be hard on the eyes. For those who are unaware of LED sensitivity, Penque Electric will share what LED sensitivity is, the symptoms of light sensitivity, and the solutions.

What is LED Light Sensitivity?

Many people suffer from discomfort from light. They often notice it when they first step outside or when they stare at a computer screen for too long a period of time. However, many are unaware that some of their discomfort comes from LED lights. LED light exposure can cause photosensitivity or photophobis which is simply intolerance to light, including LED lights.

Symptoms of Light Sensitivity; Headaches, Watery Eyes & More

Often light sensitivity can be difficult to determine because it shares so many other symptoms with other medical conditions. Additionally, light sensitivity may occur due to another injury or medical condition such as head injury or eye medical conditions. However, symptoms of light sensitivity typically include:
• Eye Discomfort or Pain
• Headaches or Migraines
• Burning along with Watering of the Eye
• Frequent Squinting or Blinking
• Watery Eyes & Eye Inflammation
• Dizziness or Vertigo
• Intolerance to Light

Contributors to Photophobia

Light sensitivity can have some additional triggers. There are certain factors that can contribute to frequent symptoms of light sensitivity. One can be the brightness of the light. At times the light bulb is putting out too much light and it is triggering the intolerance. Too much light is known to cause frequent headaches. When the light keeps flickering or flashing, it can cause photophobia to increase and worsen over time. Many people don’t even realize that most light bulbs don’t produce a constant ray of light, they flicker but at a speed we don’t even detect. The color of light can play another role in light sensitivity. Light produces different colors of light that are subtle. However your eyes pick it up. The color of light you have can easily trigger light sensitivity.

Light Sensitivity Solutions

There is no medical treatment for light sensitivity or photophobia, however there are solutions. For those who suffer from light sensitivity you can try lowering the light’s intensity. Consider using a lower wattage light bulb than the one you’re currently using. Additionally, you can also try using warmer tones. Using a warmer or yellow hue can help reduce the affects of light sensitivity. You can also switch to smart bulbs. These bulbs provide the ability to switch the light bulb intensity and color to find what works best for your eyes. You don’t have to switch light bulbs and give up the efficiency of LED light bulbs. However, you may want to make some adjustments until you feel more comfortable at home.

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Penque Electric can also relieve your suffering by installing many types of lighting controls such as dimmers and timers as well as motion, occupancy and photosensors. For more advice on fighting light sensitivity, or if you need help with our residential or commercial electrical troubleshooting, repairs and other quality services, then contact Penque Electric today!

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