Residential Electrical

At Penque Electric, we provide a long list of comprehensive residential electrical services to keep your electrical system working flawlessly. Because of the dangerous nature of electricity, it is important that you leave any electrical repairs up to the licensed and certified electricians for your own safety. We have the training and experience needed to tackle any electrical problems you may be experiencing no matter how big or small the problem may be. Here are some of the residential electrical repairs we have to offer our valued customers.

Lighting Repairs & Maintenance

Anytime you are experiencing problems with your lighting it is obnoxious. More than being an inconvenience, it can also mean there are sometimes serious issues with your electrical wiring. If you are experiencing flickering lights, or bulbs that are constantly burning out, it can be a sign of an electrical wiring problem and should be investigated further by one of the electricians at Penque Electric.

Overloaded Outlet & Circuit Fixes

If you live in an older home and the circuit panel has never been replaced, you may have an overloaded system. With the electrical demands of our lives these days, older homes don’t have the breaker capacity that is needed. When you are experiencing a circuit breaker that is constantly tripping, you need to have one of our certified electricians look at it. It may be a matter of switching around the appliances and their assigned switches or you may need a new circuit breaker all together.

Replacing Broken Light Switches or Outlets

When you have a light switch or an outlet that isn’t working, this indicates issues that need to be resolved. There could be a loose device or an internal crack that needs replacing. Anytime a plug is loo inside a receptacle it can cause problems including, electric shock.

Electrical Code Correction

All electrical installations start to deteriorate as they get older. Electrical codes are put in place to protect you and those you love from electrical problems like shock or house fire. These codes are constantly getting upgraded and changing as devices and appliances are constantly changing as well. It is important that proper inspections are taking place so that violations to these codes can be corrected and your home is safe from potential problems. At Penque Electric, we offer electrical inspections to catch these violations so they can be resolved.

Outdoor Electrical Outlet & Other Repairs

The landscape wiring on your property is compiled of a complicated parts and wiring. There may be a problem with the overhead wiring or wiring that is found underground. In any case, the experts at Penque Electric can work to resolve any issues with your outdoor electrical wiring in no time. We offer fast response times and quality electrical services to even the most complicated systems.

Residential Electrician Services in North Tonawanda & Greater Western New York

Let the professional electricians at Penque Electric handle any residential electrical repairs you stand in need of. We will work diligently to keep your electrical system working properly and ensure complete customer satisfaction. Call us today!

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