DIY Electrical Repair Mistakes in Buffalo, NY; Poor Connections, Incorrect Wiring & More

When repairing your own electrical system you may be putting your home and yourself at risk. Electrical repairs are dangerous and should be left to a professional. There have been many situations when electrical repairs were done wrong, leaving a home at risk of fires. While some repairs can be deadly, others can also lead to system overloads or power failures. Penque Electric would like to share some of the most common DIY electrical repair mistakes and why it is best to leave electrical repair to the professionals.

Common Wiring & Electrical Repair Mistakes

Poor Electrical Connections: Wires are twisted and held together with wire nuts. It is essential that the wire nut is properly twisted in place and is tight. Loose connections can lead to flickering lights, cause frequent breaker tripping, and even electrical fires. As simple as connecting wires might be, it is one of the most common DIY mistakes.
NM Wiring is Secured Too Tight: The NM wire is most often used for outlet and lighting wiring. Many DIY projects involve changing out light fixtures or burnt out outlets. The NM wires are often pulled or are nailed to the wall too tightly. If the NM wires get pinched tightly together, it can cause a number of problems.
Higher Wattage Bulb than Recommended: When it comes to a home’s lighting, many people will look for bright bulbs for better light. Often they will get too high of wattage light bulbs to put in their light fixtures. Over wattage bulbs leads to overheating and electrical fires. Make sure you never exceed the fixtures wattage requirements. If more light is needed, contact an electrician to install a new light base that can handle higher wattage.
Incorrect Electrical Wiring: When a section of the home may need to be rewired, make sure you use the correct rating. If a home is wired for 20amp breakers, never use wiring with lower amperage rating. Too many people will base rewire projects on pricing and will use the wrong amperage wiring. When underrated wiring is used, it can overheat or cause the breaker to frequently trip. When rewiring is needed either due to damages or the age of the home’s wiring system, it is best to leave rewiring in the hands of the professionals to ensure quality work and safety.
Overloading Electrical Outlets: Not much of a DIY repair but one of the most common electrical mistakes is overloading an outlet. You may notice appliances need a special outlet. This is because appliances require more power. It is important to know your home’s regular outlet rating and how much each circuit can handle. It is better to spread your various power needs out to prevent overloading a single circuit. Overloading causes breakers to trip and overheat.

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For those not familiar with electrical work, even the simplest or basic DIY repairs should be done by a professional electrician to ensure the job gets done right. This will prevent further electrical problems, fires, and in the end save you more money. If your home or business needs professional electrical work, contact Penque Electric for all of your electrical needs today.

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